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We got a wii last night.... need help please.

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We have Dish sattelitte and a dvd/vcr combo already hooked up to the tv. How do we hook up the wii so everything will work when we need it to? There aren't any instructions for this. Last night we just unplugged the stuff, plugged the wii into the tv and then replugged it in. I don't want to keep doing that!:rolleyes:


What are some of your favorite/most active games?


thanks for any help!

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I can't say for sure on the hookup, but as far as the games go, our favorites are:


Lego Star Wars (my son is a humongous lego and star wars fan)

Excite Truck - I am not into anything that has to do with car races and what not, but this is a great game especially for young children. They don't have to do goo to be able to play it because it is FUN to crash! LOL

Elebits - this is a fun game but it has been know to set off migraines in me

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but as for the games, we LOVE Guitar Hero. Well, dh and I do anyway. LOL! We don't let the dc play. We play it after they've gone to bed. Our dc are young, so some of the music and graphics are inappropriate.


My dc really enjoy the sports games that come with it. They also like Carnival Games and the Lego Star Wars games.

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