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Cloth pull up?


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My dd3 is day potty trained and wears undies, but she frequently would hold her poo until nighttime and then go in a diaper (she still wets while she is sleeping, so she is diapered at night). I tried a pull up, and she has now started using it to poo on the potty during naps and at night and isn't going in her pull up. But she still pees in it when she sleeps.


So because pull ups are so expensive, I was thinking cloth pull ups. I need it to be able to hold one or two pees at night, just in case (I don't want to be up changing sheets), and she has to be able to get it off and on easily.


Suggestions welcome!

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With all of mine when at a stage that they were day trained, but still needed coverage at night, I just used diapers. Pullups don't work as well and are expensive. So with the child that I cloth diapered, I just used her cloth diapers at naps and bedtimes when she needed them. And eventually by 3, she was long past needing one at naptime. So just after her bath and potty at bedtime, we put a diaper on her for overnight, and took it off in the morning. I didn't buy any special trainer pants. I snappied a cloth prefold on her just like I had when she was an infant- the same ones I had used since she was 3 months old. With my kids that used disposable diapers, I used regular underwear during the day and a regular disposable Walmart brand diaper on them at night. It doesn't cause pting confusion. They know how to go during the day. They just aren't ready for night for a bit after. Some take longer than others. 

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We have the best luck with Sloomb trainers - they fit the most like underpants, and their fabric content makes them crazy absorbent. They are not waterproof, however, so perhaps the GroVia My Choice Trainer would be a better option. Here's a link to both!



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It appears that our new member, TGNbaby has bumped a very old thread to link us to a website called The Green Nursery.


TGN... The Green Nursery...


Coincidence? :rolleyes:

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