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Literature schedule with either SOTW or MOH??


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I'm wondering if there is an option out there that uses either SOTW or MOH as a spine and then schedules go-along literature with page numbers and some other activities, preferably for multiple grade levels. 


I know that some programs include a schedule of SOTW or MOH as optional with that program's own history schedule (BP, TOG...).  Also, MOH and the SOTW activity guide include book suggestions by chapter, but no schedule.  Is there such a thing as a program that focuses on and reads through SOTW or MOH in order over 4 years AND schedules go-along literature (readers and read-alouds) with page numbers like SL?  I'm looking at Ancient history for kids 1st - 6th or 7th.

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Just wondering--why do you need page numbers/amt to read each day? Why not just stop at a natural stopping point?

The Activity Guide is really wonderful. You get enough suggestions to help you find just what fits (no one reads everything; you aren't meant to).


Are you concerned when a book "runs over" into the next section? I encourage you not to worry about that.


IDK if it would work for you, but I just would take a day or two to read thru the book descriptions online for those books in each chapter that looked interesting, and then find them in my library (or schedule ILL, or occasionally buy them). If it was a thick book or a longish chapter book, I'd make sure we had plenty of time to read it. Your olders could read some on their own. You don't need one each chapter; you can also pick more than one if they are short.


That doesn't answer your question at all, sorry--I'm just saying, if you don't find what you are looking for, it really isn't that hard to pick a few good ones and then just fill in as you go. But, as with everything, YMMV.

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Thanks for your help!


Chris, I guess my first thought was why try to reinvent the wheel.  Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with detailed plans made by someone else!  I tend to tweak them some (or a lot) as I use them with my kids.  However, I'm thinking about a group of families, so I think it's better to have more of a plan for what books will be needed.  I think after this year together, we all have a better idea of how quickly our kids read books.  Still, I wanted to ask if there might already be a good go-along literature plan available before we dig in and make our own.    


I'm glad you like the activity books.  Do you think 5th and 6th graders are too old for the SOTW volume 1 activity book?  I haven't seen it in awhile, but I'm remembering a lot of coloring pages.

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Yes, I do think the AG has projects that would not appeal to 5th/6th graders. The books would, in general, be on the easy side.

I'd probably use the booklists in WTM logic stage for them.


Even though it isn't secular, Old Testament Days has good projects, and so does Classical Kids by Kaleidoscope Kids.

You can preview almost all the book on Amazon or other sites.


If you don't know the reading speed of the kids and it's your intention to get a ready-made booklist, I think it makes more sense to do it yourself. If the wheel doesn't fit, it needs to be customized, eh? :laugh: But I do understand wanting something to work from.


ETA: Have you seen this on pinterest? Projects to go with every chapter of SOTW Ancients

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