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Has anyone used History Odyssel level 2 for high school?

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I haven't done so, but I think you could use Early Modern and Modern for ninth grade, maybe tenth. You might need to supplement a bit for tenth. My seventh grader has done well with Early Modern. The stuff she's putting out and reading and learning is better than what I remember for seventh and eighth grade at my fairly good middle school, but it's not quite the rigor of my very good tenth grade European history class (which wasn't quite AP level but with an additional hour of AP prep per week, it was). The reading selections have been pretty comparable to what I read in eighth and ninth grade in an accelerated program.

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Used Early Modern for my academically advanced 7th graders and Modern for them for 8th. Supplemented the documentaries, readings with World History Series books, and the literature with more books than required. For instance, Modern Times only requires Animal Farm, but they also read 1984. I don't think the readings in the Kingfisher are really enough for advanced/high school students. The assignments are good and FWIW, if you complete it, then History Odyssey also counts as 0.5 credits of Geography.

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