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Parents in Maine, I have a US History question

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Hi!  I'm up in Canada and I don't have much experience with American History.  We plan on using NARHS.com for our son for high school and he has to take an American History high school course. 


In Ontario this is how they would define an American History course.

              American History, 
This course traces the social, economic, and political development of the United States from
colonial times to the present. Students will examine issues of diversity, identity, and culture that
have influenced the country’s social and political formation and will consider the implications
of its expansion into a global superpower. Students will use critical-thinking and communication
skills to determine causal relationships, evaluate multiple perspectives, and present their own
points of view.
I just wanted to confirm that I should be looking for a high school course that goes basically from 1492-present.   Right now, I have a set of  two textbooks written by Alan Brinkley along with the study guide.  The first one covers 1492-1877 and the 2nd one overlaps a bit and starts at 1865 -2003 but they are written for college level.  My son loves history so I'm not worried about the college thing.
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