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Are any of you great-aunts or great-uncles?

Jean in Newcastle

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Just one of those wondering things.  I just talked to one of my great nieces.  I have 9 great-nieces and nephews.  


By marriage, yes. I honestly don't know how many times over. And several great-greats, too. Dh is the eldest of seven kids. All of his brothers and sisters and grandparents, and four of them are great-grandparents. In our family, I count dh's relatives as mine. 


Not counting step children (which are numerous), here is my best estimate:


DH: six children, five grands, no great grands


Sister J: four children, eight grands, five great grands


Brother E: four children, twelve grands, five great grands


Brother L: one child, two grands, no great grands


Sister M: three children, four grands, four great grands


Sister C: four children (two living), four grands, one great grand


Brother C: three children, five grands, no great grands



So, something like 35 great nieces/nephews and 15 great-great nieces/nephews. The only reason I don't include stepchildren of the grandchildren is because I don't know how many there are. Sister J's family is the only one that isn't local, and is a very convoluted situation. Several of the local ones (all within 20 miles) also have stepchildren, but I don't see them often enough to keep track. 

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Yes, my kids are closer in age to their second cousins than they are to their first cousins.  


This true for my guys as well. My dh was married before; his three kids from this first marriage are quite a bit older than my guys. Our two youngest sons were born uncles. 


In our family, we don't take the time to differentiate between first and second cousins and such -- everyone is just "cousin".


And several of the cousins are more like sisters and brothers to each other than cousins. This has been true for several generations. Dh's Mom and her sister were very close, and raised their 14 children together, plus one of their brother's sons was included in the mix. Several of dh's siblings all settled on sections of land that were subdivided from the big plot that his parents owned. All of their kids grew up having their cousins as neighbors. During my first visit out here to meet dh's family, I had a really tough time figuring out which kid belonged to which parents. 

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Last week, I took my mom from SC to Branson MO to see 5 of her 7 great-grandkids in honor of her 75th birthday! It was a long trip, but seeing my mom's joy at playing with those kids... Worth every mile. I became an aunt when I was 12 and I was in love then. I had no idea how much more the love would grow as their families grew.

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One of my nieces gifted ME (LOL) with another great-nephew today.  She will be a GREAT mom-- she was homeschooled too!


I now have 4 great-nephews and 1 great niece with a niece and a 'surprise' due in the next few weeks.


Unfortunately they all live out of state from me...


I have a special relationship with one of my great aunts.... she is in her mid-90's and we had a blast last summer sewing dresses for a non-profit when she came to visit.

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