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Good morning!

This cute book is free today.  My kids and my music students enjoy these.





And this one is new - it's much bigger and full of colorful pictures.  I think I'll use it as a history supplement.




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What is funny is I have been wanting things about memory palaces. 


But I don't have a kindle, and the app wouldn't work on my iPad (my iPad is first generation and very few apps are compatiable with it because I haven't been able to install any updates since it's to old to handle them.)


Anyone know of any other way I can get the book?


NM -- just saw your edit.  

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The intro (complete in the "try it out for free" portion) of the second book mentioned 




 explains a bit of how and why it works.


The jist is that you tap into your brain's highly capable ability to remember spaces and images in order to remember facts and (especially) serial lists like timelines.


It's one of the 5 parts of classical rhetoric - usually skipped in rhetoric books.

The most complete ancient document that discusses it is  the Rhetorica Ad Herennium.  Cicero, Aristotle and St. Augustine talked about it too.


Other books for reference:

Moonwalking with Einstein by Foer

and the Art of Memory by Yates


These are, respectively, a memoir and a history, not a story that uses one.


The composer books basically teach how to use the method by learning the information in the book in that way.  You can apply the same method to almost anything.  We use it for SOTW, vocabulary, grammar rules, etc.



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