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Opinions about moving beyond the page?

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We tried it for about 8 weeks but it didn't work for us. I can see that it probably has good potential, it just wasn't a good fit. There were a lot of worksheets that seemed more like busy work. Many of the hands-on stuff seemed forced just to make it so there were always hands-on activities. My daughter loves hands-on so I thought that would be great. But I felt frustrated at the amount of time we were spending on (what I perceived as) rather pointless activities. It took a long time to get through our work each day, longer than I felt it should for what we covered. BUT, I am very much a box checker and it is hard for me to pick and choose activities. And my daughter is the type who can make a 5 minute craft take 20. She is also behind in writing and MBtP is a bit writing heavy. The content level and writing level don't quite line up, at least not for us. She needed the writing of a level lower, but could have handled the content of higher. I know a lot of people love it, and it's quite popular through our homeschool charter.

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No experience here, but I'm really intrigued by MBtP. You might want to join the Facebook group Differently Schooled With Moving Beyond The Page- the members are very friendly and helpful. 


This blog has entries with her daughter using the lower levels:



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