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Apologia Physical Science and Biology in the same year? Or skip Physical Science? (x-posted)

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(Cross posted from High School forum....)


For those who have been through these two courses, could you give me some feedback?


My DS will be in 8th grade in the fall and has always loved math and science.   He's doing pre-Algebra and Apologia General Science this year for 7th grade, and wants to pursue engineering as a career.    Would it be too much to try to take both Apologia Physical Science and Apologia Biology in one year?   Would it be OK to skip Physical Science and do Biology in 8th grade?   


I have reserved a spot at a local class provider for Apologia Physical Science in the fall - very well respected teacher, well respected class provider.    I want to outsource science because it's been difficult to do all of the experiements, and I think the class would be more enjoyable with a group.    


This morning, we visited a "mom-led" co-op that we are considering joining next year.   Both of my kids already have friends in this group, and I would feel comfortable teaching there - it's basically a great fit for our family.  They have a science teacher who will be teaching Apologia Biology in the fall, but not Physical Science.   She's also very well respected, with a background in biochemistry, and several of DS's friends will be in the class.   I spoke to the teacher today, and DS sat in on the class she's currently teaching.   She would have no problem allowing him in the class as an 8th grader, based on his interaction this morning.   This would be a full-blown Biology class with lab, high school credit-worthy.   (DS will be taking Algebra I in the fall as well, so he would have already completed a year of Algebra before going into Chemistry the following year, if we followed this progression.)


So is it too much to try to do TWO outsourced Apologia classes in a year?   Would it be OK to skip Physical Science and go into Biology in 8th grade?   Do Physical Science over the summer?

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I agree with just one book at a time. My Ds did bio as an eighth grader and found it to be at bit more of a challenge than the general science and physical science courses. He did find but would have been overwhelmed by both.

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Thank you for the feedback.   That's what my gut reaction said.   In talking with DS this afternoon, we might get the Physical Science book and let him go through it over the summer in a "light" version of the course, then do bio at the co-op in the fall, rather than trying to do both.   

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