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12th grade science suggestions

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I'd like for my son to begin 12th grade science ASAP.  (His 11th/12th will overlap for next 12 months)


He has always struggled with math and is struggling in Algebra 2. Physics with math will NOT be a good fit for him.  There was an old thread about Physics for Poets... maybe I should find it.


He has done Apologia Biology and Chemistry. Will have a half credit for "Applied Science" this year.  He needs another full credit of science on his transcript.





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We have been enjoying Environmental Science.  (Well, as much as one of our number enjoys science at all.)   I use the syllabus from Oak Meadow which follows a Holt textbook I found at a thrift store.   The textbook is available used on Amazon; there is probably a newer edition than the one they use.  


(A note about using an old science book:  I often have my kids look up current status on topics in the book.  For ex., there was a mention of the (at that time) proposed Three Gorges Dam in China.  I had them look to see the current status.  Same with endangered species, etc.  There are good reasons for getting newer science books, but for our purposes an older edition works fine.)


The syllabus and TM from Oak Meadow have questions, labs, and projects. 


We've also watched this archived Env Sci course from Dartmouth through EdX. 


It's working well for us. 

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Apologia Marine Biology


Advanced Biology - for Apologia this is A & P


an algebra 1 based introduction to astronomy - you might even find a good fit through MIT openscourseware which has a LOT of options


Geology - our eldest who was in the car accident and began the year with a head injury needed a reprieve from too much mathematics so instead of Advanced Physics, we went with this. He is using Tarbuck's textbook along with Great Courses videos - "How the Earth Works" and enjoying it very much. I either make my own exams, or in a pinch as has happened due to three PT appointments per week for six months, given quick definition exams using quizlet. You can look up your edition of the text, and then tell it to format the test...usually 7-20 terms depending on the chapter. It's not a particularly comprehensive exam, but given that health had to come first, it is good enough for me under the circumstances when we are overwhelmed, and I don't have time to write a good test. Quizlet also has a nice flashcard option for free printing. The boys have used those at times as a nice study aid.

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Some free or low-cost options (also low-stress)-


Self-paced courses on Easy Peasy Homeschool including oceanography:




Also several courses at Conceptual Academy:




A "physics for poets" type course from University of Virginia, free on-demand from Coursera (an older version of the professor's book can be bought used on Amazon):



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