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Homeschooling with a toddler

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Help !!!!!! Lol

We had such a wonderful schedule until my youngest dd ( now 14 months)started to walk. My peaceful baby turned into demanding ( but cute )monster ðŸ˜It's not only that she is into everything,but also that unless she gets 100% attention , she screams ! For a last month doing school with my oldest dd (8)has been very stressful !

I need some ideas on how to help both of my kids without getting insane,lol

I know that it's not forever, but for right now some practical advice would be very helpful 😜

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I feel your pain! I went desperately searching for answers at that age too. Playpen time with toys that only came out during school helped a bit. I made several busy bag type toys (putting straws into a container through holes in the lid, moving Pom poms with plastic tweezers, etc). It got a lot easier once he started to enjoy colouring. We now have each grandma come one morning a week to play with him so we can get school done quietly with our oldest. And the days we don't have help are getting better with time. Little ds is a few months older than 2 and we have a fairly good rhythm once again.

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Urg. I feel your pain! We're just now to the point where the toddler will accept a limited time with older siblings - and they all have the skills to make that time pleasant rather than a battle of wills (aka screeming for thirty minutes straight).


Luckily my dh was able to switch around his work hours so he could be 'on call' for toddler needs for about an hour in the morning, but that's done now.



She happily joins in for a short time with us, either on my lap scribbling, or in her high chair making a mess of some kind. Also, she loves to eat so if I gave her her snacks offset from the rest of the kids' snacks, that was helpful too.


Busy bags in the high chair or play pen worked okay as well. Ten-fifteen minutes anyhow. My toddler at that age loved (and still does) random toys in various containers. I have a lot of little bags and purses buckets etc and I stack them full of interesting items and toys (weebles, small board books, droppers from old tylenol containers, plastic chain links, fisher price toys, old wrapping paper ribbons, a toothbrush, bracelets, a compact mirror, doll hairbrush, really small stuffies, peices of fabric with interesting textures, balls, etc). She loved taking them out and putting them back in. I think before she got into little bags and boxes I had a large basket that was chock full of mostly found items from around the house that interesting shapes or textures and she would take them all out and look at them for a while.


I also did playpen time with "school only toys" but she learned how to climb out a month or so ago. Now she will play for a short time in her bedroom with school toys, but only if I don't close the door lol.


It gets easier . . . at some point. For us it was right around her second birthday. For now, try and get your older(s) on board, make them part of the team and see if they can help you out, or at least gain some valuable patience while waiting for you to occupy/help baby and then come back to them.


Good luck!

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My 14mo old has been walking for months and just started climbing!   :scared:  He also just figured out how to climb out of his playpen.  I feel your pain!  


I have had a couple toddlers go through that phase of screaming every time I tried to read aloud.  With one of my DC, it got so bad that I had to save math lessons for when my DH was home and could watch her...on a different level of the house.  I have a booster seat set up in our schoolroom and keep him occupied for awhile.  I give him a few toys or a drink/snack which can keep him happy from a few minutes to a full 1/2 hour.  After that, we move to the couch and I hold him while we do some readings.  For the one-on-one subjects, I have one child play with him while I work with another.  The others work on their own, practice piano, or help watch him.  We sort of rotate through these activities until it's finished. 



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