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First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease?


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I'm using FLL with my two older boys, 7 and almost 6, and loving it. We are on lessons 113 and 47 respectively. My 7 yo does fine with writing - he doesn't really like to do it, but he will and he has been progressing. My 6 yo is not a writer - he hasn't really progressed over the last year. So I'm not overly concerned because they are young and they are boys, but I'm feeling the need to do something more than just handwriting practice. . .


So I see that Peace Hill Press has WWE and I'm wondering how and when or if WWE fits in with FLL.




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I would not worry about lining WWE up with FLL. WWE looks great to me - very gentle, short and simple - but gradually increasing difficulty to help get your dc where you want them to go - eventually writing their own narrations. WWE will alternate copywork and narration - and if you use the workbook the selections are already laid out for you including questions to help you guide their narration. The copywork has been chosen to help you point out things like: capital letters, punctuation, plural words, and later things like quotation marks in book titles, conversation, etc.etc.


When I began hs-ing I knew narration and copywork were important but I didn't know how much to expect or how to use it to build writing skills. WWE gives you all that guidance. In fact I'm doing WWE with my first grader and holding off a little longer on FLL until his reading is a bit better - just my preference. Use them in whatever way best fits you - but I wouldn't worry about being ahead in one versus the other!



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We are starting FLL2 and WWE2. We did FLL1 last year. I love FLL and love WWE (we haven't actually used WWE yet, so I don't really know how dd7 will do with it). My dd7 las year did handwriting from a manuscript book (dollarstore, walmart, Goodwill, I found them everywhere). This year she will do copywork, from a notebook I have made, for handwriting.


WWE is designed to be done with FLL. You might try it with the 6yo. If he is not writing well enough for it yet, wait, or just do the narration days. For level one I think it set up as 4 days/week 2 on narration and 2 on copywork. Level 2 also introduces dictation.


We have also done a lot of tracing pages at my house - all the kids like to get out their markers and trace the dotted letters. I make them on kindergarten paper and scan them since I don't really like make pages of dotted words.

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