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Healthy Jambalaya?


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Does anyone have a recipe for homemade jambalaya rice that's easy, and made with whole grains and less salt?  Something I can use as a base, and add various vegetables and proteins to make a complete meal?


Jambalaya is my son's favorite dinner, but I'm hoping to move away from the salty processed box stuff.

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Be sure to start with the Cajun "trinity" - onion, celery and green bell pepper. Sauté with a bit of butter until wilted, stir in your Tony's and that's a base of Cajun flavor. You can use oil instead of butter, or half oil half butter; there's just something about the butter that makes it taste more authentic.


To cut down unhealthy fat in a traditional recipe, use less sausage. You can easily use less sausage if you use a flavorful one (andouille - aidel's brand is in Walmart so perhaps it's widespread and available in your area). I've made jambalaya with just a bit of tasso instead of sausage (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasso_ham) but it can be hard to find. A small amount adds a LOT of flavor, so you can cut the pork that way. Add lean chicken meat and/or shrimp instead. Sometimes a dash of liquid crab boil will add flavor without calories (I like a little splash in my pot of red beans).


You can substitute brown rice for the white, it will taste okay but it takes a good bit longer to cook. I have used instant brown rice with success.


There are many variations on jambalaya - enjoy experimenting!

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