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Recs for a FUN history program?

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We have done History Odyssey for the past 2 years. Brotherman wants to do something more fun this year. For him that means less writing and more projects. He hates Story of Mankind, so that is part of what is driving the change too - he says (and I agree) it is poorly written and rather biased. But mostly he wants to do a writing program separately so he can enjoy history the way he used to. 


We are starting 6th grade and just finishing medieval times, so we will be doing late Renaissance-Industrial next year.



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During that time period for my older two, we used Human Odyssey and then did "fun stuff" with the Jackdaws portfolios.  I happened to find a bunch of them used at a great price. We had 6 of them for the whole year. I spread them out throughout the year and pulled one out when we got to that topic in the HO book. The way we worked it was they would spend two days looking over the materials and then we would discuss them. Next, I would give them a list of projects they could do from this time period/event. Things like make a board game, a display board, a poster, a map, etc. I wanted the project to take about 4-6 hours of work.  They LOVED this.


You do not need to use the Jackdaws, but they did give me a starting point for the project ideas.

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I've never seen a program that has great projects. I think you're best off with project books and a good text. So like these...


The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution for Kids


If you're going to do the birth of the US for this period as well, then there's a TON of these type of activity books.


For text... What about using the HO selections and just doing your own activities alongside?

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