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Problem with some areas of forum display


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I've sent a couple of contact form messages about this, but don't know if they are getting through. Is anyone else having an issue with the way some of the forum pages display? This has been going on since Saturday evening (Apr 4) for me. Some, like this posting page, new content, and the classifieds, show up normally, but the following pages show up headed "jump to content" and then in a bullet point format which is very difficult to read---topics off of these pages also show up in bulleted format:


group discussion page for social group (at least the one for alternative spirituality)

















I am using Chrome on an Windows 8 PC, but having the same issue in Firefox. I don't have this issue on my phone (Android). It's the only website showing this behavior, and I have refreshed the page, rebooted the browser, and rebooted the computer several times. Any ideas? I really miss the forum and find it very difficult to post from my phone.







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Really no-one else having this issue or have ideas of how to fix it? Not even the mods or tech support? I have tried across three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE) and have the same problems, with this site only, so I don't think it's on my end. I've cleared the cache and cookies for this site with no improvement. I can read the posts on my phone (running Chrome 39.0.2171.93 on an Android system), but not in Chrome on my desktop (41.0.2272.118 m on Windows 8 on a PC). 


Going a  bit nuts as I haven't lost real usable access to the forums for this long since I joined in 2004/5!

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Hi KarenNC,

That's a bit of mystery?

Though I came across one possibility?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

In the bottom left corner, you should see 'Change Theme'.


When I clicked on that, a menu came up with:

ip Board.

ip Board Mobile.


So I clicked on ip Board Mobile, which is the format for phones.

To see what would happen?

Where it came up in a 'bulletted format'.


To change it back, I scrolled to the bottom of the page.

But 'Change Theme', had been replaced with 'Full Version' ?

So I clicked on that, and it returned to the normal format.


So you might scroll down, and see if it has switched to the ipBoard Mobile format?

Where it just shows Full Version.

If so, click on that and see if returns to normal?


I can see how this could happen when people use both a PC and a phone to visit this forum?

As it would have to identify whether you signed in with your PC or phone, and use the right format.

Where it could make a mistake, and use the phone format, when you're using your PC.


So have a scroll down the page, and see whether this is the problem?

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Thanks so much for the suggestion! It didn't solve the problem, but it did give me a bit of a work-around for the moment, in that by switching to the mobile view on my PC, I can at least interact relatively well with the forum, even if it doesn't look quite like it normally does. The regular view is still messed up, so it isn't that the regular view is showing me what I would get on the phone. The regular view is showing something altogether different and what I've seen in the past when the boards needed some sort of maintenance. My husband (a network admin) suggests that it might be a style sheet issue, and that there may be different servers handling the mobile vs the regular views, but I will fully admit that that is above my pay grade in computers ;).

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