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What is "freezer paper?" Trying to make Baymax transfer to tee


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Let's get this out of the way: I'm not crafty.


If you think this will be too hard, just say. No offense taken.


But I'd like to buy those $3 tee shirts at Michael's and transfer a Baymax onto it. I don't know where to access a Baymax transfer, though, and found a homemade one on Pinterest.


I love Pinterest as much as anyone, but sometimes their projects don't fly (no pun intended).


Any ideas?



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Freezer paper is a coated paper.  You can find it in the same aisle as foil and plastic wrap.


Ebay has printed iron-on transfers of all the Big Hero 6 characters, though.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Big-hero-6-Hiro-Fred-Baymax-T-shirt-Iron-on-Transfer-8x9-5x6-3x3-light-fabric-/291394096519


Thank you!!!


The problem w/ Ebay is that I don't have time -- their bday is on Friday. (We've had a lot going on and I let the bday get away from me.)


Thanks for telling me where to find freezer paper!



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My local grocery store and local Walmart both carry these printable iron-on transfer sheets (In case the Freezer paper thing doesn't work out).  You print the image on your printer and iron it onto the t-shirt


I would be surprised if MIchael's didn't carry them as well.




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