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Help me with dd's science for 7th, please

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I just don't know what to do with this child! She's very life science oriented, especially if it has anything to do with animals. She wants to be a wildlife specialist someday. But I know she needs exposure to other fields of science as well. She is only going into the 7th grade, so I feel she at least still has time on her side. Please note, she's dyslexic, reads at about a 5th-6th grade level these days, albeit somewhat slowly, and is just really getting into writing.


So... I am trying to figure out her 7th grade science. Among the options I am considering (she's done basic zoology studies this year) are:

a full biology course (I own Elemental Science's Logic Stage biology, never got around to using it)

ScienceSaurus with the Daybooks, starting with Life Science, and then ?

units from Ellen McHenry

letting her just work through the Life of books and documentaries by David Attenborough, adding in some resources

work through the middle school BFSU book

have her check out books from the library on a regular basis and work through those


Any ideas? I don't mind her doing more life science/zoology, obviously, but would like her to do a little of other sciences. I'd like good content, secular, some hands-on, and not horribly expensive or time consuming.


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After much thought, I think we will continue working through the Prentice Hall Science Explorers titles, as she really likes the animal one. I went ahead and ordered the one on plants to round out this year. Thanks for the suggestions and help!

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Mom2Cs--did you just read from the text?  My younger kid, who has been a bit prickly about schoolwork of late, would enjoy the animal focus.  Is there a workbook or anything else you used with it?


I did read from the textbook. We did some of the suggested activities, and added in titles from The Scientists in the Field series, which are excellent. I also added in David Attenborough documentaries -- Life of Birds, Life of Mammals, etc. There is a workbook available, but I didn't order that.


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