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18th birthday gift ready to go but


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I have "too many".  Should I trim to 18?  Or leave it at 22?



1.  Mustard seeds - Matthew 17:20 

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.â€


2.  bandaids -   Because life is rough and sometimes you get knocked down.

3.  Playdoh – to remind you to stay flexible.

4.  DVD – because sometimes laughter is the best medicine.  (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)

5.  Mirror – so you can see yourself/know yourself clearly.

6.  Bubbles – so you never lose childlike wonder.

7.  Duct Tape – because it fixes almost anything.

8.  Tide – to prepare you to do laundry away from home.

9.  Compass – so you will always know which way you are going.

10.  puzzle – because we don’t always know how the pieces fit together but with God’s help, a pretty picture emerges.

11.  ball – to remind you to always bounce back

12.  paper towels – life is messy, clean your messes up.

13.  chocolate – because it can fix a whole lot.

14.  Baby oil – so mean things don't stick, they slide off you.

15.  Sunglasses – Your future is so bright, you need to wear shades.

16.  sewing kit – for those little unexpected tares.  (I know it's spelled wrong.   To makes sure I say it right when reading.)

17.  Flashlight – so you see clearly.

18.  Tissues – to dry the inevitable tears

19.  Blue Ice – to remind you not too lose your cool.

20.  Pen – because it is mightier than the sword.

21.  quarter - to remind you that you can always call home.

22.  a piece of yarn - to remind you that you are stronger with others around.


The first to go would be the sewing kit.  DS thinks the duct tape should go as well.  And the Tide, she's been doing her own laundry for years.


I plan to put it all in a gift bag with numbers on each piece.  Then she will tell me the number and I'll read the reason.


Steal my idea if you want!  Most of these came from here a few months ago.  

Oh and if you can help me adapt it to a boy, extra points!


Reminder - it's her 18th birthday!


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What a cute idea!!! :hurray:


The first thing I would ditch would be the Tide. No fun factor there! ;)


The next thing to go would be the yarn, because I don't quite get the connection.


I would also eliminate the tissues because the "tears" thing is kind of depressing.


I'm not sure about the fourth one.

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I also vote for 18 items.


My two cents:

Duct tape and chocolate have very similar reasons so maybe one can go or change chocolate to something more along the lines of 'life is sweet'


I'd take out tide or change the reason to something about the tide


I'd take out the more "negative" ones like blue ice, paper towels and tissues. eta: bandaids


Tissues could be instead "everyone needs a good cry from time to time"


I like the quarter but it could instead be a cute house key (they sell different colors and shapes)


I don't like the pen reason...unless she's a writer/aspiring journalist


Eta: unless the mustard seed verse is especially important you could drop it and instead use the cord of three verse in a God is with you way, kwim?

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That is great!!! I love them all, but agree that 18 is a better number of items since it's for her 18th birthday.

You could eliminate one by combining/switching Play Dough and the ball (flexible and bounce back) with Silly Putty. (That brings it to 21.)

I'd eliminate the quarter because it's hard to find pay phones and I don't know if an 18 year old these days would fully understand the reference. (down to 20)

Subtract the sewing kit and the tide because you mentioned you're inclined to take them away and now it's at 18.


Happy 18th birthday to your daughter!!! :party:

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