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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! I have a lot to do today since we leave for our trip tomorrow.

- head to parent's house so dad can take my van to make sure it's good to goon a long trip
-school at parents house

- fold and put away laundry
- finish packing kids
-finishing packing myself
-roast a chicken for dinner
- prep a meal for dh for tomorrow so he can just start the crock pot tomorrow
- make broth from carcass and freeze it
- quick straighten up rooms
- quick clean downstairs
- prep road snacks and pack them in van
- load the van up for our trip

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  • Work from 7-8am.  [done]

Get the kids up & ready for camp, including breakfast & lunches.  [done]

Drive kids to theater camp.  [done]

Clean bathrooms, kitchen, and some clutter.  [done]

Work until 6pm.

Work breaks for:

  • a little exercise

a little reading

a little housework

pick kids up from camp

give kids some work to do

maybe place some of the new organizers in use

Kids do science project.



Assemble kids' bookshelves?

Kids to bed.

Work until midnight.

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Dd and I did schoolwork in the warm sunshine yesterday :)


Today is rainy, alas.


Up ahead:

--gym in a few w Dh

--school w dd: chem, math, history, APHG

--daily things

--Tuesday-specific tasks

--errands: local garden supply store, Target for foam roller, earbuds, printer paper

--things I didn't do yesterday: order ds's cap and gown, register dd for SAT subject test

--final decision on seeds not yet purchased

--read :D

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Good morning! I got back from the beach late yesterday afternoon. Now it's on to a busy 3 days before taking dd and some friends to her college preview weekend.



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats

went back to sleep because I was tired

made 2 necessary phone calls but had to leave a message on one


To Do:

plan schoolwork for these 3 days

do school for today

pay bills

try to do the data retrieval thing for college FAFSA


tidy house



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Good morning! It is cool here, maybe some rain later. Dd1 was off early this morning and has her class now. The boys are going to sleep for a but, they had a late night bowling. Apparently, they are all terrible!


To do:


School for all

School planning

Computer stuff

School administration

Pick up downstairs

Oversee chores

PM practice

Judo pickup/ sign paperwork

Make dinner


Have a great day!

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Just found out we aren't leaving until tomorrow night so my day isn't as busy as I thought it would be.  I can do some of today's list tomorrow! I'll still try to get as much of it done as I can but I'm not going to push myself terribly since I do have a 15 hour drive to deal with tomorrow night.

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Good Morning!


Lots to accomplish today:

  • quick clean house and put everything away--Done
  • put out trash for pickup --Done
  • go to Costco and WM --Done
  • take ds guitar and have it restrung --Done
  • work on menu and food list for the next week --Done
  • go to lunch with ds --Done
  • School list for the week --Done
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I was so miserable after picking up the kids from theater camp, all I could do was take Tylenol and lie in bed.  I eventually fell asleep and ended up taking a nice nap.  I feel a lot better now.


Now I need to think about feeding my kids, who were ordered to stay downstairs and do their work so I could take care of my problems alone.

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