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Cleaned out the classroom.....

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And it feels amazing!


Three years in and I am shocked at how much we accumulated. Most of it never used but I'm still letting it go. I even dumped over fifty lap books, unit study, dollar deals, etc from my computer. I have more work to do but progress is being made.


I felt weighed down by it all. My eyes see it and my brain internalizes it making me feel constantly like I'm not doing enough. I think I'm finally realizing that less really is more. If only I could go back in time and do the last three years over.


Can anyone relate?

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Way to go!!! Yes, I have been doing this both in our learning area and in our entire home. It feels wonderful! I still have lots to do, especially with donating clothes. We donate our clothes and household items (that are in great shape) to a place that raises money for women and children in crisis. I even suggested to dh recently that he and dd could take a little trip somewhere, so I could be at home by myself (!), donate like crazy, and of course read! I really want to see open space in closets, on shelves, etc. It helps me think more clearly and energizes me.


P.S. I think I have been completely "cured" of even looking at homeschool freebies. We got a computer virus not too long ago and I am almost certain it was from downloading a hs freebie. I removed myself from numerous email lists and it is great to get less email.


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