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Aleks or IXL for Algebra?

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The work in very different ways.


Aleks is great if she wants to review the whole course.  For example, if she's finished Algebra 1 but wants to review before the final, or before starting Algebra 2, she can take a placement test.  Aleks will then guide her through each skill that she's missing. 


However, it's hard to use Aleks as a supplement while you're taking a class, because your ability to pick the skill you want to work on is limited.  If, for example, your kid learned how to dividing monomials today, and you want her to work on it some more, you may not have access to the skill because she either already passed it, or because there's some precursor skill that she hasn't proven yet.  There are work arounds for this involving quizzes etc . . . but they're kind of a pain in the neck.


IXL is the opposite.  You can work on any skill you want.  So, if she studied dividing monomials today, and didn't quite get it, then you can simply search for dividing monomials and it will pull up a bunch of problems.  On the other hand, if the reason why she can't quite get dividing monomials is because she didn't understand some prerequisite skill, IXL won't help you figure that out.  


I also feel like the IXL explanations are a little more clear.  

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