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What to expect at evaluation

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I finally found a place to have an evaluation done that I can afford!  It's affiliated with a university so doctoral student will be doing the evaluation.


I went in for a screening appointment (just me, no DD) and explained what I was worried about and answered a ton of questions about DD.


The person I spoke with is not the one who will do the testing. She mentioned the testing could take anywhere from 3 hours to ... geez, I can't remember... 8 or so, I think? spread over the course of a few days and they'll probably do the WASI and a WRAT test, plus other tests.


There's no way possible that the WASI and WRAT will take that long, so what other kinds of tests might they do?  I'm worried that they won't do a thorough job, won't be able to figure out what's going on with DD and I'll still be floundering, not sure what to do.  


Are there specific tests they do to diagnose dyslexia and dysgraphia?


What should I expect?  




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