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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning

- take girls to Easter egg hunt- done

- get a few groceries- done

- dishes- done

- laundry- done

- fold laundry- done

- tidy house- done

- color Easter eggs with girls- done

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- baths

- bedtime routine

- read- did some

- anything else I manage to do

- get Easter stuff ready and pull clothes for tomorrow since we are going to my Aunt's house and have to leave at like 10 am

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Morning all! We are celebrating easter with my mil this afternoon so other than that I don't know what the plan is. Before that I have to...


- get all kids bathed and dressed

- examine ds's rash and add more medicine

- straighten up my bedroom

- kids straighten up their bedroom

- wash dishes

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Dh is doing the Costco and grocery store run for me :D


I need to

--go seed shopping

--read through the gf cinnamon roll recipe for tomorrow morning

--do some daily things

--exercise somehow

--make dinner

--go to Vigil Mass tonight. All 2.5 hours of it.


I'm sure I'll do some other stuff as well :)

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Happy Easter Eve!


Today's list:

  • Arrange nanny to take kids for half of today.  [done]
  • Get kids up & out to horse riding.  [done]
  • Review kids' science homework / project (needed to know what they need to buy).  [done]
  • Grocery shopping.  [done]
  • Call mom & make plans for tomorrow.  [done]
  • Clean bathrooms & kitchen and some clutter.  [done]
  • Work until ?? in the evening.  [sorta done]
  • Take work breaks for:
    • a little exercise  [done]
    • a little reading  [done]
    • a little housework  [done]
    • start parents' tax return
  • Switch out the fish water.  [done]
  • Kids' science project & math.  [nope]
  • Color eggs.  [done]
  • Kids' baths.  [done]
  • Kids' piano practice.  [nope]
  • Kids fill and hide each other's Easter baskets.  [done]
  • Get Easter clothes ready.  [nope]
  • Kids to bed.  [done]
  • Hide boiled eggs and filled plastic eggs.
  • Work until midnight.
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Back from easter celebrations! They were fun and only the first of 3. Got my fruits and veggie shopping done for the week on the way home. Trying to decide if I want to head to the store to get the rest done tonight or in the morning. I think I'll spend 30 minutes this evening cleaning the downstairs after dinner and enjoy the rest of the day as a family.

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