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Most Realistic GRE Practice Test?

Crimson Wife

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I'm toying with the idea of throwing in a last-minute application to a distance learning Speech & Language Pathology master's program for Spring 2016 matriculation (preliminary application deadline is April 15th). I can either take the GRE on April 12th or send a copy of my old expired GRE scores with a note saying when I plan to take the test again.


The average scores for those admitted to the program are only 47th percentile verbal and 36th percentile quantitative so not a super-high hurdle. My old expired scores were 98th percentile verbal and 83rd percentile quantitative.


If I wanted to take a practice GRE test cold this weekend to see how I'd likely do, which one is the most accurate? The ETS Official Guide? Kaplan? Princeton Review?


I know that I'd do better on the GRE with more time to prep, but I really don't think I need sky-high scores to get accepted to this program. If I take it cold and get solid-but-not-outstanding scores I think I should be fine.

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Also, before you get too far into prep if you have not already done so you may want to check and make sure there are available seats in your area. In some areas there are such limited test dates that they fill up quickly.


There are a bunch of Prometric centers in my geographic area and I think this is a bit of a slower time for taking tests. As of yesterday, there was one center that had April 12th still available.

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