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Kids and Kindles and education, oh my

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My husband just got two kindles, for two older kiddos.  Besides the fact that I have no clue how to operate the darn things, there's also all the stuff (good and junky) that can be downloaded onto it.


So...what are your favorite books and educational apps for the Kindle?  (I've got a 8 year old daughter who reads at about 6th grade level, and a 6 year old son who's reading at a very basic level) 

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We downloaded all the free classics we could find. My boys read through the free Andrew Lang's Fairy Tales ebooks and the free Rudyard Kipling's ones.


I don't know what to recommend for a girl. My parents allow me to read anything so I was reading books like the scarlet letter, the pearl, the old man and the sea, all Charles Dickens books at a young age.


For apps, we downloaded the Oxford and the Merriam Webster dictionaries including the audio files when they were free. We also use Duolingo which is free. My kids downloaded some free chess apps to play.

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My advice:  you can always add cool games later - you won't regret having waited a bit for the games. :)  Also, you won't regret keeping it to only a few very very educational games (Dragonbox, Stack the States, etc.).  I wish I'd done a bit more of that when we started out.


Also, you can also always extend their allowed time on the device later.  I started with very short limits, and freetime makes it very easy (the device just turns off - no need to nag or argue).  It is easier to loosen up later than to restrict when they've had more freedom.


Lots of good free books - FWIW, picture books are better in real life (size, I think).  

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We've never done games and I hope we don't ever get there, to be honest!


My kids have the Narnia books, Magic Treehouse, Elsie Dinsmore, The Hobbit, and tons of classics that were free like Peter Pan, A Little Princess, The Wizard of Oz, etc.  Whenever we finish a read aloud, I put it on their kindles so they can read and reread it themselves.

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