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Massive Scanning Projects

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It's been more than a year since we last talked large scanning projects. Technology has changed. It's time for a new thread instead of resurrecting the old one, but I will post the link in case anyone is looking for it.



Yesterday I charged a Brother ADS-1500W scanner. I have 15 days to try it out. So far I think it'll work.



As well as some personal projects I want to accomplish, I want to be able to buy cheap used paperbacks and scan them and send them overseas to friends that cannot afford shipping. I'm not talking about breaking copyright. I'm talking about 1 pdf for one book that I cut apart, scan, and throw away.


What are the best setting for ebooks? I think yahoo has a 25 MB limit on e-mail attachments without using dropbox and that is about as big as works well on a tablet. Is black and white as good as grey for novels? I'm trying to do some research, but I have never done any real scanning.

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Cutting the books is my biggest struggle right now. I don't want to spend too much on supplies, but I need to buy something.


Starting yesterday, I seem to be developing some sort of sciatica problem, I think. The pain isn't too bad if I don't try to walk quickly and far, but my life is pretty much over if I can't do that. I'd like to window shop some cutting boards and rotary cutters but can't. I really can't do much of ANYTHING if I can't walk at least a mile, and it's a total life changer if I can't walk at least 3-5 miles a day.


I don't think I want to spend the $120.00 on this paper cutter


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