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Homeschooling laws in Kansas

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We have to file a letter with the state declaring our kids will be attending a non-accredited school. You file once.

That's it in a nut shell.

You are required to do comparable school days, but not report them. when we first started hslda recommended keeping papers as proof of hs'ing. If anyone ever challenged you burden of proof would be on you. I'm in the north central section and hslda indicated they've NEVER had problems out my way. So we keep nothing. We report to no one ( while I don't expect ever be challenged, I could prove that my kids have learned if needed)


Easy state to live in. Easy laws. We love it.


One last thought, It seems a while ago Kansas City was trying to pass alaw that would prevent children from being out during normal school hours. If that passed it would be much more difficult, Imho, To live in the city and homeschool. My kids were in the city last week, and no one questioned the grand parents as to why the girls weren't in school....






ETA : using the link click on general homeschooling information for nutshell info.

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I use to live in KS as well and homeschooled there for nearly 5 years. Very easy to h.s. in! I completely agree with what is said above. I lived in one of the larger cities and never worried about taking my kids out during school hours (aka. Monday morning milk runs to the store). It's very common to h.s. in KS so overall everyone is very laid back. 


I've since moved and even though the state guidelines are only slightly more regulating, I feel far less free to go out during the day with my kids. I sure do miss the relax nature of KS.

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There are a ton of homeschoolers in KC! The curfew laws in place in my little part of KS refer to packs of unattended children in certain shopping or entertainment districts and are meant to discourage shoplifting or late night prowling. We have never had issues with daytime outings in the community.


The guidelines are pretty straightforward and are based on some early 1980s case law. No one comes looking for records for you unless you are somehow caught up in the system.

1. One time filing with the state as a private, non-accredited school. You have to list a custodian of records...no info on students.

2. If asked to produce records you will be asked to prove

A. Substantially equivalent hours to public school defined as 186 6 hr school days or 10?? Hours

B. Proof of school plans and testing (vague)

C. Possibly coverage of specific subjects


It is an extremely relaxed state, but some school districts require full enrollment to access testing and services.

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It was a great state to homeschool in. More culture, in KC, than one would expect. The only issue I had was that we are secular homeschoolers and it was difficult finding others that were. The ones we did find were very much unschoolers. But easy other than that! 

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