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Microsoft office?


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I bought Microsoft Office Students Teachers 2003 cd. We have installed it on 3 home pc: 1 desktop and 2 laptops.


Sometimes it isn't compatible with online class documents.


Microsoft doesn't sell the physical cd anymore? What is the best deal for students/teachers multiple home computers? Is by the year the only option?


Should I keep using Office 2003? Do some laptops come Office included?

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I have LibreOffice installed on this Windows 7 laptop. It is free... Download and install, legally, on as many boxes as you want to use it on. It is compatible with the Microsoft Applications in Office. DD has WORD 2010 on her Windows 7 Desktop. A month or 2 ago, she had a school assignment that said to use PowerPoint. We do not have and are not going to buy PowerPoint. She installed LibreOffice 4.4  and she used the Application in LibreOffice.  I haven't heard any complaints from her.   :-)


NOTE: I was accustomed to saving WORD documents (Writer in LibreOffice) as .DOC  files.  About 2 weeks ago, I saved a file in .DOCX format.   The .DOCX file was approximately 1/3 the size (in kilo bytes) as the .DOC file. Same content. Same appearance, but much less space on the hard drive and less bandwidth when I send it as an email attachment.

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College students and faculty often get a nice discount. google "student discount software" and you will find places like JourneyEd and Academic Superstore. Just be sure to read the requirements and limitations carefully. 


We have Open Office, but, eh, I don't love it. Now that dd can get the discount, I will probably buy Microsoft Office again. 

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