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Tell me about Sonlight Science please


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I *thought* I had made a decision on science for next year...but then I play around on the internet and, well, you know...lol!!


So, can someone please tell me about Sonlight Science?  Is it challenging? Boring? Did your kids learn a lot?  I'm looking at G for my 6th grader. 


My other choice was Elemental Science, Earth Science for Logic Stage.  Sonlight is so expensive...is it worth it??  And, can it be simplified for a 3rd grader to tag along? (not sure I want to cover all of the topics included with him, but some)


Thanks for your input.

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We have never used that level of science. (My oldest will be fifth grade next year) I would not be able to mine those two ages and one science program. If I really wanted them to study the same thing, I would be looking for simplified versions for the younger students.

We have really enjoyed almost every book Sonlight has suggested. They have great books! I seldom use workbooks, And I really like that the science comes with worksheets- And give my kids practice (and they enjoy them!)

I don't like that there is a four day schedule, and the fifth day is on a different topic. And in at least one of my guides you work on the same topic for 3 days, experiments on day four, and if you want a fifth day those are also a different topic.

I'm okay with their wacky schedule, because I completely change it. We work through one topic (wk 1, day 1-3; wk 2, day 1-3; etc) then after several weeks when we have completed that unit we go back and do the day four or day 5 units. Maybe that sounds more complicated than it is? It works for us.

After using SL for several years, this year we simply purchased the books and made or own schedule. It worked well

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