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How long are you considered a newbie?

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There are so many different types of hsers that it makes it a gray area. The comfortable / this is a lifestyle stage is setting in with me already. I think it's because we have such a cushion because I'm blessed to have an AL. We've hsed since prek because he thrives with structure and a schedule. I wouldn't start counting till last year's K year, though. I also think it has something to do with the amount of research I've done on learning styles, methods of teaching, and curriculum options. I have friends that have hsed a lot longer than I have but have no helpful information regarding any of these. It might be my definitions though. To be a veteran implies been there done that but also is knowledgeable to help others.


I don't consider K just parenting though because that implies I provided his basic needs of meals, wiped butt, and protected from harm. Homeschooling K implies upping the readaloud time(audio books etc.) and other adult interaction like board games, crafts, letters, numbers. I would reward parents for above and beyond parenting at K age. :thumbup: We need all the support we can get.

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The "how long have you been homeschooling" question depends on the context in which I'm asked.  In some contexts where they are asking when I decided to homeschool and started to be intentional in assembling curriculum, the answer truly is "from birth" for me.  I wanted to homeschool any future kids when I was single.  I started to plan out our curriculum arc when my first was an infant because I had the time to do it then.  In the beginning, I actually wrote a lot of my own curriculum and that took a lot of time before I actually tested it on my kids.  But in most contexts where they are really asking what grade my kids are in and if we ever had them in public school, my answer is from kindergarten.  I say that because in my community everyone (or everyone I've ever known) starts their public schooling from kindergarten even though it isn't technically mandatory until age 8.  

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