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Song School Latin 2: Is Finishing SSL1 Necessary?


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We've been lax about SSL1 this year, but I'd like to continue with SSL2 in the fall. Do we need to finish SSL1 or is there review? Would playing in Headventureland over the summer suffice? We didn't use the DVD or TM this year. What say thee for SSL2 -- DVD and TM helpful?



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My SSL2 just arrived this week, and we have 5 or 6 chapters of 1 left, so this isn't exactly an experienced opinion.


There IS review in SSL2. But thumbing through it, it also seems like a bit of a "jump" in difficulty. I planned on starting this summer, but after looking through and contemplating ended up deciding to spend the summer reviewing, re watching the DVD lessons, playing some games, and jump into the new material in the Fall. My reasoning is mostly why rush? My kids aren't 100% on the vocabulary of 1 yet, and my 5yo tag-along doesn't quite have the grammar-chops for 2.


Is there a benifit for you in doing book 2 next year? I mean, I think it's possibly to do 2 without 1, but it would be harder since both new material AND review material will be new. Is there a reason not to simply finish 1 over the summer?


I have no experience with Headventureland. I'd use either the DVD or the TM, though. I had the DVD for 1 and now I have both for 2. With just the workbook I'm not sure its enough to really learn the material, unless you know Latin. I don't know a bit of it myself, so I always sat in on the DVD and learned quite a bit.

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I saw this earlier and didn't get a chance to type.


2 does review the vocab of 1, but only sporadically. I think whenever you have to know vocab for 1 the book "reminds" you that you had it in 1. So, no, you aren't really going to sink and drown without 1. But....I would go ahead and finish out 1. At least do the songs and final review chapter and crossword at the end.


I got the TM for 2. I got it for the activity sheets. But it has been helpful. There's quite a bit of grammar in 2, so the activity sheets give more practice. And the TM helps when I'm teaching a new lesson. If you don't have a background in a declined language, I definitely recommend the TM. I don't think the grammar footnotes in the student book would be enough if the student thinks to ask questions about what is going on.

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