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X Post: Landry Group Buy: Take 3

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I have never done this before, but I am interested in Landry Generic semesters for 2016-2017.  The current price, through tomorrow, is $82 a semester.


I am happy to coordinate a group buy, if a few others say they may be  interested.


Thoughts?  Anyone else interested?


(also posting on Logic Board)

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You are the only one to respond, bummer.


However, I was just thinking I would buy them anyway.  I buy the generic semesters for $82 per semester ($164) for the year, and then I transfer them to you - for the same cost.


How many would you be interested in purchasing?

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I bought generic semesters for the school year 2016 - 2017 (starting summer 2016) and will keep my fingers crossed that I can transfer them.


I have 12 - 16 semesters available if anyone is interested in purchasing them.  $82 per semester, $164 for a year long class - a great deal!!


You will send me money via PayPal, and then we transfer the generic semesters to you via Landry Academy.  The semesters are then yours to use as you please, starting in the summer 2016.


Let me know if you are interested, and I will send you my email.



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Doing this is an unknown for me.  We have taken a WTM and an Apologia class online - not with Landry.  Online classes have been a great success for our family.  The kids excel with the online classes, and I like the freedom.  I would sign them up for Landry classes for the Fall 2015 but they are too expensive.


I have heard good things about Landry's Science, English, and Math classes.  Landry has such a HUGE selection that I am sure I can find something.  I even thought I may take a class or 2.


I decided to do this because it is a great deal - $164 for a year class is a bargain.  I am not sure which classes my boys will take, but I may consider French, or Science, or electives.


I am not answering your questions directly, but sharing our reasoning:  it is a good deal, a great reputation, and a great selection.

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