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If I love Singapore Math, would spiral might be a fit?


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I love, love, love the Singapore approach to math.  Its been a great fit for my DD (we use a combination of it & Math Mammoth).  The way it presents is a good fit for my son, as well...but he hates a mastery approach.  I've tried skipping around the books, trying to create my own spiral but its not working.  We are using mostly MEP right now but I'm wondering if there might be something better for next year.

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What about maybe CLE but keep some of the word problems from Singapore?  


1.  Very spiral 

2.  Lots of review so plenty of opportunities to master something while still learning other things.

3.  Written to the student.

4.  Easy to accelerate or slow down as needed.

5.  Placement tests are free off the website.

6.  Integrates many different areas so a lot gets covered each year, but in a gentle way.

7.  You can order one or two light units to see if they are a good fit without committing a ton of money and you aren't stuck with an entire program if it doesn't work well. (just be aware that the first light unit of every level is review of the previous year, so not a good way to judge the program as a whole.)



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CLE is GREAT for review and as a spiral approach but it is the complete opposite of signapore's discovery approach.  Maybe use CLE review questions a year to two behind.  That way DC is still learning the material from your primary program but getting to review everyday also...  That's a tough one.  There just does not seem to be a discovery method curriculum that incorporates lots of review :-(

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