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? About Adventures in America

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I use it with my 5 year olds.  They love it.  However, if they were much older, I don't think they'd get much from it without a lot of supplementing.  We don't do the craft, and we do each "week" in one day, including the state(s) (which is their choice).  We read the supplemental books, too.  Of course it takes us more than a day to read the chapter books.  I think for much older kids (like maybe your 9 year old), it wouldn't be worth getting it because there isn't that much to it.  Beautiful Feet has an early American guide.  I have trouble with it because I need secular material and it is difficult to make secular.  But, it has an excellent book list in the back that I use to request books and add to Adventures in America (some books are in both). 


We are early in Adventures in America but we enjoy it.  It has made my kids love to hear about early America.  They already loved everything Indian/Native American beforehand, so they are so excited to read various stories about Pocahontas and Squanto.  They can tell you who were Leif the Lucky and Eric the Red (Beautiful Feet).  They light up and beg for history now.  So, something is working for now.

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Agree with what RKWAcademy said. I'm currently using it with my almost 5 yo who reads and writes well for his age, and we both love it. The activities including coloring pages and copywork are targeted at K to 2nd grade. The Complete Book of United States History might be a better fit for older kids.

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