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Favorite educational movies

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I would like to watch more documentaries and such with my children next year. I'm hoping to set aside Friday afternoons for this sort of stuff. So, what are your favorites? I'm looking for specifically non-fiction, although I might throw a few fun musicals or operas in there too. Some of the kids will be studying ancient history, and the eighth grader will be studying modern. We will be studying physical science too, but I'm open to movies on any topic.


I will have a 2yo, a 4yo, and a 7yo, so I do need to limit how graphic things get. The little guys would be happy with Bill Nye videos, and we will probably do a few of those, but maybe a little more oomph, if that makes sense. It might be hard to find the right balance, and I can split the kids up sometimes, but overall, I'd like that not to be the general plan. So things that everyone can get even a little something out of will be great. Current 6yo boy is a huge Wild Kratts fan, so I think he'd enjoy some more nature movies.


I have access to Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as well stocked libraries.


Oh, and maybe some art movies. I don't know. I remember watching art history movies in school and being thoroughly bored, so those would need to be pretty good, I think, to make the list.

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I don't know if they're still around, but my kids LOVED many of the Modern Marvel shows.  Those take what should be boring topics and make them very interesting - even for us adults.  We didn't watch many of the machinery versions (military or otherwise), but those on other things - like corn, bathrooms, salt, telephones, canned foods, etc, etc, etc (there are hundreds of episodes) were really good!

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