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Compare/Contrast History Odyssey and Beautiful Feet Early American/World

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Hello all!  I have a rising young seventh grader and two older eighth graders next year.  Their favorite subject over the last couple years has been Beautiful Feet Books History. I love the fact that it is literature based but sometimes feel that there is a lack of really focusing on specific important dates and clear map work.  It weaves a great story and leaves the kids with a general sense of how history moved along and highlights of some of the important people.  I began looking for something a little more intensive, shall we say.  I am wondering if History Odyssey Early Modern level two would be the right fit.  Does anyone have experience with History Odyssey (not Human Odyssey) and or both the programs I mentioned?  I fear turning my history loving kids in history drudges :(  Also that HO program is a bit more expensive than BFB...


Any advice would be great! Thanks!!!

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I was searching for info about BFB and found this...what did you decide to do?  I'm looking at Early American and World or possibly Notgrass for next year.  I have HO Medieval for this year and I like it, but I don't.  I'm lukewarm, I guess.  I also have MOH2, so we're using both. 


I was just wondering what you ended up with and how it's working out. 


Thanks! :)



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