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Drinking water filtration?


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I'm researching water filtration systems and am finding an overwhelming amount of choices/details. Anyone have any opinions/details/resources/etc. that they'd like to share?


Here's the deal:

  • I have not had our water tested yet. Yes, I know we need to do that. It's on the agenda. :)
  • We live in an area with high arsenic contamination. It's probably safe to assume we have higher than normal/acceptable levels of arsenic in our water, so I need a filter that removes arsenic.
  • I'm primarily looking for drinking water filtration right now, not whole home water filtration, but would like to keep a whole-home system in mind for the future.
  • Budget is an issue (which is why we're not looking too seriously at a whole-home system right now). I'm looking at counter top, beside the sink, or under the sink systems.

I really would like to find some sources of independent, legitimate testing and validation for filtration systems. There seems to be a lot of...fluff...out there. My husband is looking at the Berkey systems, but I'm feeling like they're kind of sketchy. I can't find any impartial information, or at least any impartial information I feel I can trust--it doesn't appear they are backed by any third-party testing. I looked at the NSF website for systems that are certified and remove arsenic, but it looks like there are only two companies in the U.S., one of which is a multi-level marketing company and one of which I will probably be contacting (they also do free water testing/analysis), but whose products are likely out of our price range.


Thoughts, experience, links?




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We have had a Berkey filter for several years and we like it.  It sounds like you're looking for more objective numbers type information, but that's all I have.  Our filtered water tastes more like water than our tap water does.

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Thanks for the answers so far, guys.


I will likely need something more sophisticated than a Brita, on account of potential arsenic contamination. I would also like to avoid a reverse osmosis system, mostly due to the WHO's recommendations against long-term consumption of demineralized water.


Multipure is one of the two that are NSF-certified (Culligan is the other).  I am a bit put-off by the multi-level marketing thing, but I'm looking into anyway. :)

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