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Who's going to tackle Monday with Me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Work most of the night.  [done]

Get kids up & out to school, including homework correction, breakfast & lunches.  [done except for breakfast.  :/]

Clean bathrooms, kitchen, and some clutter.  [done]

Work until 4:45pm. [done]

Work breaks for:

  • a little exercise [done]

a little reading [done]

laundry [done]

some housework [done]

4H paperwork [put off until 2016]

get kids busy with homework [done]

Kids to swim team, work at swim team. [done]

Kids to soccer, see if it's feasible to take a walk at this time. [done - no walk]

Dinner, read-aloud. [dinner done, no read-aloud]

Kids do practice math test.  [done]

Kids practice piano. [done]

Pack kids's bags for Tuesday.  [done]

Lay out kids' clothes for Tuesday.  [done]

Kids to bed.  [done]

Work until midnight.  [close enough]

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I hope Monday is way better than Sunday....back to the ER with hives...4 new meds and a dermatology consult pending.  


I would like to accomplish:

  • tidy the house, vacuum
  • laundry-2 loads and towels
  • work on grading and lesson plans for April
  • read 
  • cook a delicious dinner
  • not itch and feel better 

Hope everyone will have a lovely day! 

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My parent's and I finalized our travel plans for visiting my sister so I've got a lot to do before next Monday so I can come home to a super clean house. This week I'll be tackling all my spring cleaning. Today will be upstairs rooms minus the bathrooms.


- wash windows upstairs

- dust upstairs

- wipe down surfaces upstairs

- scrub baseboards

- do the real thorough vacuuming

- laundry folded and away

- cloth diapers washed and put away

- mail some letters

- roast turkey if it is thawed. If it's not then figure out a different dinner

- soak beans

- put kids clothing that no longer fits in storage

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twin one has been sick ( vomiting, but only at night) which has meant a mountain of washing. We have to catch the 4 am bus to Melbourne tomorrow morning for his AFO appointment. he hasn't vomited all day. The appointment is Wednesday early morning. I have already paid $200 for accommodation and $50 on bus fairs which will be lost if I don't go ..... AGH! is he better or not? Plus twin 2 hasn't caught the sickness yet. What are my chances of having him come down with it while traveling in the bus? the trip is over 400 km.

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Tammy, so sorry! 


Melissa, praying the vomit has stopped and won't rear it's ugly head on the bus!



Took the weekend off of a list again because I've had sinus allergy stuff all weekend and didn't feel like it.



breakfast and lunch for dh

checked on cat food status


To Do:



final book club plans (tomorrow)



tidy house


pack anything up for book club

get in bed early



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I'm going to the dentist first thing (well, after this post and a shower). Check :)


Taking DS to work (and lecture him about getting a driver's license and car....again). Discussion was about NonAlcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and three types of benign tumors.


Setting up gallbladder surgery (lovely). Delayed because of test results we're waiting for <sigh>


Finding out about another medical issue found when checking for gallbladder issue (and hoping it is one of the four fairly minor possibilities I found online). See above two One test result not in so have to wait til tomorrow.  


Start our new weekly homeschool accountability system. Found major flaw so tweaking :) Kids did well.


Work on a few SMART goals for myself and with my 9yo (who came up with a goal that *I* could not do so needs help making reasonable goals...and I may as well make some good ones for me too! Too much navel gazing.


Ooooh, start supper!  It takes six hours so needs to be started by 11am at latest. check




ETA:  This is my first time participating in one of these threads.  As I read above (after shower), I see that I could have included some other stuff like regular housework and meals and sports practices.  Part of me says listing it all and then doing it will feel good.  The other part says that the list could look overwhelming.  Hmmmmmm 

Ate a snack early this morning so should find a snack or breakfast or whatever you want to call it.  

Fixed calendar issues for sport practice/game changes.  

Expressed thankfulness that my children don't have state testing.

Laundry going.

Baby down for a nap :)



Navel Gazing galore


Heated discussion about carseats

Texting with friends

Waiting for baby to go to bed as he is very fussy



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SKL--when do you sleep....I couldn't get anything done with never having down time?


Every once in a while life gets crazy like this for me.  I have cluster deadlines and 3/31 is one of them.  If only I could force myself to get ahead when things are slower, maybe I could sleep around these deadlines....  Of course illness, computer problems, and client emergencies tend to be well-timed ....


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I get the jerk award today.  After finishing a memo and a few other things, I lay down on the floor at 5am so I would be sure to wake up when the alarm rang.  (If I sleep in bed, I just roll over and smack the snooze a dozen times in my sleep.)  I'm not sure exactly how I did it, but I overslept anyway.  I got up about 10 minutes before the kids were supposed to be at the bus.  The bus, of course, showed up way early.  (It seems it's either 10+ minutes early or it's late or it doesn't show up at all.)  The girls got ready and hurried down there (with Miss A limping because she slammed her toes yesterday), but they didn't have time to eat breakfast.  I sent them with some cereal bars, though they aren't supposed to eat on the bus.  Oh well, it's a good thing they ate a late, large supper and they have lunch at 10:30.  They won't die.  But I suck.  :/


ETA, I also need to figure out what is wrong with my kids' alarm clock.  They think they are setting it at night, but they say it isn't ringing.

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Woke w a horrible sinus headache though head is feeling more clear. If I'm not feeling better, I will call the doctor tomorrow morning.


Today's plans:

--appointment with trainer 11am; hoping ibuprofen touches this headache

--school w dd: math, chem, history, APHG

--daily things

--Monday-specific tasks

--drugstore for girl things, yay not, and some Easter candy for dd15

--late afternoon hike with dh?????

--reserve one activity for our Alaska trip :)

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Good morning

- dishes- done

- laundry- in dryer

- tidy house- round 1 done

- fold laundry- towels folded and put away the rest is sorted and waiting for the dryer to get done

- Pintrest an easy to make cover for my kindle (dh could buy me one for my birthday but I'm getting a newer car instead)- found and made :D

- read- did some may do more later

- get dd1 off bus- done

- dinner- in crock pot - done

- hang out with my mom and in-laws- done

- baths

- bedtime routine

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I would like to participate! I have had some very unproductive days and need to stop.


We have school, fold the laundry.  I make no promises to put it up. I hate it enough without adding that.  I need to wash the sheets and clean the bathrooms.  Later I have to take kids to piano and aikido.  I have got to go to walmart too.


Those are the major things I hope.

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Blech. I just want to sit here. :glare:


Not feeling great, so my list will be basic


Get dressed-done

personal care-done

feed pets-done

get dd going on schoolwork-done

paperwork-did some, need to do more-done

a few chores from Confident Mom planner-done

Dinner? Take something out, cook. clean up-took meat out of freezer-done with dinner and I had dd clean up

make a to do list for the week-done


go outside and get some sunshine-done

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It's 11 am and so far I've got the laundry folded and put away, cloth diapers are in the dryer, made a filling enough breakfast to get us through to lunch with no snacking, got turkey in the oven, and started the major upstair deep clean. Kids are washing windows while I get baby down for a nap. Then I'm going to dust and wipe surfaces down while kids scrub baseboards.


The best is I wasn't going to ask the kids to help. They negotiated helping for being able to play video games while we run errands later. A big treat since videogames are a weekend thing almost always.

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Tried to go to bed early last night.  Then ds came out to say that the toilet was stopped up.  I worked on it for a half hour straight with no luck.  I reluctantly woke dh up who had actually gone to bed early.  The two of us worked on it for an hour before giving up.  Perhaps later I might give it another go but then I'm calling a plumber if doesn't resolve quickly.  We now have to all sneak into the master bedroom to get to that bathroom while trying not to wake up dh who has an important interview today.  Sigh.  I hate poop.  


PS - once the toilet is fixed I have some major bathroom cleaning to do.  


I don't have  a lot of stamina to begin with but I'm particularly tired right now.  I think being exposed to people over the weekend has lowered my immune resistance even more.  Plus, I've lost count but this is 30 some days straight on antibiotics and that is taking it's toll. . .       OK - whine over.  Time to tackle and not whine, right?  

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Dealt with all things garbage

Dd is on a small bike adventure but she offered to go to the library for me so I can cross that off my list.

Called the plumber.  I have no idea if this was the best deal but they are coming out today and that is a relief.

Ds is inventing.  Something.  I'm afraid to ask.

Dishwasher is running.

I've done a bit of research on dd's book for Language arts and now know how I want to proceed.  



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Got a bunch of work out, 2 loads of laundry (about to go do the 3rd), put away all the clean dishes from yesterday's big meal, cleaned up something nasty that I found splattered on a door & floor, a few other miscellaneous things.


I have a bunch left to do, but now I'm going downstairs to see what the UPS guy just left.  :P


I'm starting to remember things I promised to do but had to postpone and then forgot in all the deadline frenzy.  Ugh.  I still need to go through all my deadline lists and make sure I'm not forgetting anything important.


I think I have decided to forget about 4H for this year.  I just know it will be too stressful, and why do I need more stress?  My sister will still work with the girls on learning to show dogs and stuff.  Why put it on a required deadline?  I think next year they will be much more ready to take the responsibility themselves.  So I can cross the 4H forms off my list.  Yay!

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The deep cleaning in my room is done! Kid's room just needs a thorough vacuuming and it's done! Computer room needs surfaces wiped and vacuuming. I'm taking a half hour break to before finishing those 2 rooms and vacuuming the hallway. After that we've gotta pick up someone's mail and head home to eat dinner and get ready for bed. I'll tackle the kid's clothes after they are asleep.

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I put the kids' new shoe rack together and put it in their closet.  My kid just came up to tell me that when she tried to get sweat pants out of the closet, "that thing fell apart."  LOL.  So much for neater storage.

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Even though piano is the same time and day all year for some reason I showed up a half hour early. Lol! Idiot! We are skipping aikido to get ds' glasses that came in today. Then I have GOT to go to Walmart. I seriously hate that place but I need my medication and have been putting it off for days. But I need the meds so I can get my bloodwork done ( thyroid) which would be good to see bc I am tired a lot. I always feel like my life is an episode of "if you give a mouse a cookie"


Did the laundry and even put it up! Took care of and educated little ones (though that was kinda lazy. I need a list I think) and cleaned the hedgehogs cage.


Guess when I get home I will make the beds, clean the bathrooms, and dinner.

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My first post got lost somewhere. Idk. Today has been pretty productive. I took garbage to the end of the road first thing. This is such a ordeal every week it deserves special recognition on Mondays list. I made breakfast. We had school. DH did some maintenance on the lawn mower and mowed the grass while the kiddos and I pick up sticks and tidied up the yard. DH took the kids fishing and I came to the laundry mat to wash our blankets and comforters by myself. I had a pint of pistachio ice as a reward. ( the while pint ) bleck

We are putting some kind of meat in the grill for supper. Pretty good day so far.


Melissa-I hope your bus ride goes ok. That doesn't sound fun with 2 little ones.


Jean-I hope the plumber gets your troubles fixed easily.

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Meals are done. I haven't felt well, so dh got Subway for dinner. It's nice having a store just about one mile from the house.


3rd load of laundry is washing.


Ds is finished with school, but dd is going to work some on her online class tonight.


Much progress has been made on the book club, but I've got to get things packed up, too. 




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I'm exhausted! Ds convinced me to do my workout before finishing the computer room. Now I'm too tired to even want to. Maybe I'll just get the clothing taken care of and do the computer room first thing in the morning. I'll decide after the kids are in bed.

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My cousin came today to do the taping of the sheetrock! In the process of discussing the job decided to pull down the popcorn ceiling in the kitchen, dining room and entry. Total mess!


I think dd2 had a tummy ache from constipation last night. She was better mid morning. Dd1 did wake up last night though and was anxious about dd2 potentially puking. Had to lay with her to calm her a bit. No wonder I am tired.

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Had a fairly productive day in various ways.  Bunch of "work" work, 4 loads of laundry, some decluttering, a little of this and that.  I feel pretty good about the kids' day, despite its chaotic start.  ;)


I wanted to finish at least one more thing today, I am pretty tired.  I just don't have it in me right now to find and list every principal payment that has been received by the various subsidiaries of my bank client.  I hope I can get up early and get it done.  It should be in the client's inbox come morning.


Boss sent me about 20 documents to review, but I will need some sleep before I can think about contracts and numbers.


So good night, I'll check in tomorrow.

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