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Bible together for 2nd & 7th? BSGFAA? Foundations


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Rising 2nd & 7th next year. Both are strong readers for their age/grade.

We've never really consistently done ANYTHING together as a family, and next year would be 2nd grader's first year homeschooling (& 7th grader's 3rd year). 

We've tried GGC with the older one this past year at a faster pace (b/c it's below grade level) because I like the covenantal overview as a foundation for all future study. But haven't gotten far because it always gets forgotten/not part of the routine, depends on my availability....etc. 

So I'd like something that doesn't rely upon my:


reading out loud (at length, at least, because that will TOTALLY lose both girls..unless they have something hands-on to do, and while some criticize BSGFAA as busy work, I think they'll like the puzzles/busy activity rather than just a listening/repeating session....KWIM?)

leading discussion

organizing/throwing together a plan because it takes what resources I have to consistently FOLLOW a plan (which is why I like the Foundations checklists!!!!)




begin to lay a foundation of who God is through what He has said about Himself (which could then be followed by

begin to lay down a practice of regular study

short periods of time will probably get done more consistently

Is it unrealistic to do them together?





side note: Could people please stop using Foundations in their curriculum description? I know it's logical but it gets confusing??!?!?! (CC, LOE, Dynamic Literacy, and this Bible one....I'm sure there's more).

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I've never used BSGFAA.


I do have a 1st and 6th grader using Bible Road Trip, which has several fun notebooking pages for each week. They're not really combined in the sense they don't do the lessons together, but it wouldn't be hard to do. If I were going to do something with them together I'd do all the first grader's "lower grammar" concepts as a family, and the 6th grader could do the assignments unique to the "upper grammar" or "dialectic" on his own for further depth.

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