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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Morning all! Just hanging out with the baby at 4:41am! I'm sure we'll be asleep again soon. Today I've got a bunch to do but dh's help so I'm hoping to be done with the cleaning part before 11.


- dh clean bathrooms

- kids and I straighten up downstairs while dh makes breakfast

- clean kitchen after breakfast

- everyone quick bclean the upstairs

- work for 15 minutes organizing down stairs closet

- meet woman I sold item to

- pick up frozen turkey from parent's house and any other stuff of mine that's in the freezer

- pick up dh's library hold and return some books

- finish constructing meal plan

- soak beans

- cut veggies for quick, easy access throughout the week

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Good morning

- dishes- done

- laundry- load in washer and dryer

- tidy house- round 1 done

- take girls to Easter egg hunt at Walmart (while there get juice and bread)- done

- see my mom and dmil at dmil's house- done

- dinner- done

- baths- done

- bedtime routine- 1 down 1 to go

- read- squee my mom got me a kindle fire for my birthday :)

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Good morning everyone!


We have a dusting of snow out there this morning, getting a little old if you ask me. ;)


Normally I'd be at church making coffee an hour ago, but I am so angry about something that happened yesterday that I may never step foot back in the door of our church.  It's an awful feeling and my stomach is in knots.  Waiting for clarification and then we shall see.


So, I am home, running laundry, cleaning the kitchen and tending the woodstove in between catching up online.


Need to vacuum as well at some point, but what else is new?  Dog was sick all day yesterday, I think I got her outside about every other time so much of my living room had wet spots from cleaning it up.  She seems better today.


I am thinking tacos for supper



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Happy Sunday!  My list will not include the unplanned activities I've already done, like the hour-long argument with a friend and the lengthy textvice sessions with my younger sister.  But I mention that I did them, because I feel like I've been doing *something* despite having little to show for it.


[Yes, I did just invent the word "textvice."  What do you think of it?]


Today's list:

  • Get the kids and myself up & out to church.  [done]
  • Sunday school.  [done]
  • Drop kids at dance.  [done]
  • Clean bathrooms, kitchen, and some clutter.  [done]
  • Go through my personal to-do's to see if anything is due / overdue.  [done]
  • Work until 9:15pm.  [done]
  • Work breaks for:
    • a little reading [done]
    • a little exercise [done]
    • make kids' list of work for today (sister is with them) [done]
    • eat dinner, check in re extended family [done]
    • 4H paperwork
    • I feel like I'm forgetting something - but what???
  • Prepare kids' bags and clothes for Monday.  [done]
  • Kids to bed.  [done]
  • Work until midnight or later if necessary.
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So an interesting development ... possible crime being committed (but not here at home) ... everyone except me and my kids has gone to investigate.  I am home alone (with sleeping kids) and that's the way I like it.  Now let my nocturnal self get cranking.  :)

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We spent the day with family. First at my parents' with them and a few siblings and their families. Then to Mil's with dh's siblings and their families. I love Sundays! Last thing in have to do tonight is make a list of the massive amount I have to do before next Monday when we leave to visit my sister in Alabama.

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