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S/O anniversary trip - cruise?

Susan in TN

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When I mentioned taking a trip for our 25th anniversary (June 2016), dh said his first thought was a cruise. Neither of us has been on one, but it sounds like a great vacation to both of us. We would like interesting shore excursions - along the lines of hiking and sight-seeing, not so much for snorkling or "water sports".


We would prefer it to start at a port we can drive to - New Orleans or Charleston would work well, and it seems that Europe and Alaska (w/ flight to/from the port) are a bit out of our price range.


Any tips or recommendations?

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There is a 7 day one that goes to Belize that has a jungle hike and the ruins are kinda cool (I'm not big into looking at old stuff).  Then in Roatan they have an animal reserve to walk around and zip line.  We actually did a snuba excursion there that is like if snorkeling and scuba had a baby.  It doesn't require a certification.  We like to just walk around Cozumel.  Some of them continue on and do Costa Maya (Carnival does).  I can't say what kind of excursions they have there (unless you count getting lost on the walk back to the boat an excursion).  We have sailed this itinerary twice now and have enjoyed it both times.  Both were out of New Orleans on Norwegian.  I'm thinking Norwegian might be pulling out of there this year though, so you would have to look into it. 

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