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What is that "electronic" dry erase board?

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It was mentioned on here a few weeks ago and I can't remember the name. It an erase able but digital-ish board, maybe the size of a tablet, black background tgat you write to with a stylus. I saw one at a toy store once and mentioned on here. It's used like a dry erase board. Anyone??

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They are not bright, but I don't feel they are hard to read. The battery is non-replaceable, so it is a good thing they are not backlit.


We use ours in the car for doodling, playing tic-tac-toe and Jeopardy type games, and spelling quizzes. My daughter also likes to make a pretend menu or take orders for food on it. They are pretty durable, only have a few minor scratches from being thrown around. 


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^^^ I've wondered about this. Seems I could do the same thing on the Notability app on the pad or tablet--which is why I didn't first buy it up when in the toy store. The last thing I need is more stuff laying/lying (????-DH keep straight for me ;)) around.


I just have a hard time keeping track of the tablet stylus. :-/ Which would probably be true for

The Boogie board too. Lol.

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