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Good speller but poor reader?

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Hi all,


Just wondering what you make of a kid (10) that is a good speller, but poor reader? He can spell 3-5 letter words that follow spelling rules, and can manipulate sounds within the words (bat to bag, for example). His reading is so far behind his spelling though!  He's working through an OG program and it seems to be working great for spelling, not for reading.


Any ideas? Could it have to do with attention? Vision? Something else?

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Hi Mainer,


Something that you could try, is doing some 'rapid naming exercises' with him?

Maybe using some magazines with lots photos?

Where you point at things and get to him to name them.


You might find that he is quite slow at this?

But practicing this can increase the speed.

Where it develops a stronger connection between the visual and auditory cortexes.

Which would carry over to a stronger connection between the written word and its sound.

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