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Sympathy for a stupid head -- FOUND THEM!!


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Silly title - but hey, we just got moved back into the school room after an 8 month hiatus from walls that needed to be torn down because of black and green mold, then a new furnace,  and more fun life happening.


SO, in the course of me bringing books upstairs, downstairs, and basically all over the house which drove ME BATTY, I now cannot FIND 2 volumes of SOTW plus their Activity books. Along with 3 other less relevant things, and all my extra magnets for the back of the AAS tiles and other magnet related school stuff. They were all in the same stack. All missing. Gone. If they ended up in the wrong box downstairs they could have been covered with torn down wall material and yes .. . .


thrown away.




This stuff drives me crazy.



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Well not to discourage, but I still have 2 books I KNOW I have somewhere missing from my last move (almost 3 years ago now). I found one copy at the thrift store, so I bought it, but I'm holding out on the 2nd one. (and no the 1st one has not shown up yet since I bought a replacement.) :glare:

We just had a garage sale 3 weeks ago and cleaned out the garage and I had hoped I would find them there, but nope. Now I am thinking maybe I loaned them out and the person never returned them. (I used to loan books to the teachers I knew at the school I used to work at.)

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 I walked back in my mind the all boxes and places I'd  moved things to.

In one bin I'd checked before but had a stadium blanket folded into the bottom.

They were all hidden underneath.



This was driving me nuts people . . . .


I felt like Ellen in Christmas vacation when she went to the garage wall and flipped the switch.

I knew that was the last place they could be.

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