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I've got two informal evals set up

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We recently saw a psychiatrist and she basically agreed with me that we're probably dealing with ADHD. I haven't really suspected an underlying LD, but since my own frustration level has been increasing, I've decided to try to check things out a little more. I had dd evaluated by an OT last year and she's going to do it again. She's a lovely, kind, retired woman who will meet with us again at no cost. Last year, in addition to the attention issue, she brought up the possibility of a tracking problem and convergence insufficiency but our pro-VT optometrist didn't find anything to support that. I won't come out with a full report but a brief summary of the issues to at least get a better understanding and keep my little paper trail going. I also have a friend with a relative who is an older, experienced special ed teacher who tests and works with students with various language issues who is going to try to help me figure out why dd has difficulty with "written expression." She charges a modest fee and provides a short report.


We are especially tight on money right now because I have another child who is getting a lot of care right now and the co-pays and out-of-network costs are mounting, not to mention my oldest with her medical problem. I really think I wouldn't get the cooperation necessary for thorough np eval anyway so it's helpful that I've been able to set these things up informally, at low or no cost.


Meanwhile, I'm shifting her curriculum to get rid of things that clearly aren't working anymore and will start to finish things up in anticipation for the end of the year to lighten her load and work in some fun, hands-on learning.

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