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Need help finding extra curricular activities based on childs interests...

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I need to find some extra curricular- I am stumped.

This would be for middle school aged children who like chemistry and physics, math, and anything that is war, conquests, battles and such. Nothing that is a sport, not robotics or Lego teams.

Given all this, what is out there that can tie in nicely with these interests. Currently they do not seem to have inkling of trying something new.


Thank you for any suggestions.

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Science enrichment after school classes?


"The Mad Scientists' Club" is an older book about nerdy kids who figure out their own clever ways to use science knowledge for their own entertainment while befuddling others.  Let them read it. Maybe they will come up with their own mad scientists' things to do.


The older How and Why Wonder books had a lot more how to stuff in them than current science texts.  You could try to dig those up and then turn your kids loose with them.


Field trip to The Exploratorium in San Francisco would be awesome--they have the best physics demos I have ever seen anywhere.

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- after school public/private school science club (homeschoolers can often join in with no problem)

- local homeschool co-op with math or science labs/exploration classes

- participate in local or regional or state student science fair

- enter a science project at your local county fair

- local 4-H (science, rockets, etc.)

- join a Math Olympiad group

National Science Bowl (middle school/high school knowledge competition)

- list of summer programs for middle school students 

- Science Buddies -- list of science summer camps for kids



- chess club

- gaming club for war/conquest game play (check local library, games store, Parks & Rec after school activities)

- local history recreation group (often recreate battles on the weekends)

- local airsoft and/or paintball groups (stage/wage mock battles)

- local 4-H (archery, firearms/shooting, etc.)

- junior military cadet group: Civil Air Patrol  (ages 12-18); U.S. Naval Sea Cadets (ages 11-17)


miscellaneous activities to try and SEE if you like:

- after school bowling league

- class offerings of your local Parks & Rec department

- private classes/studios: martial arts, fencing, horseback riding, gymnastics...


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