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I need help motivating & encouraging my 12 year old daughter!

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Gah! So I know that a lot of it is "natural" for her age, but ...


My 12 year old daughter is very bright, and most things come very naturally and easily to her. Most of her learning up til now has happened mainly through reading a TON of books. As she's gotten older, though, and exposed to more "exciting" books (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter), the books I give her tend to lose her interest. It seems that pretty much anything I suggest (books & otherwise) is immediately pooh-poohed. Of course I'm still "making" her read other books (we use a lot of the Sonlight recommendations), but the constant battle is exhausting. She isn't disrespectful or having a bad attitude (thankfully!), but there's still a lot of resistance when it comes to "school."


Perhaps a separate subject (but connected??) ~ she also can take All. Day. Long. to finish her math. If there's an incentive (someplace she wants to go, or a friend coming over, for example), she is able to finish in a reasonable timeframe. Otherwise, she could literally whittle the day away staring at the page, then getting distracted, or crying over the difficulties of math, ... you get the idea - anything but math. 


Anyone been here before? Any ideas?? I have four other kiddos (ages 10, 8 & 7), so she just can't have my undivided attention all day long (nor do I suppose that would be the best thing for her, anyway).


Help! And ThAnK yOu!!!

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Wow, can you provide an incentive for having good math times for a week? Say, record the time that it takes for her to do math every day and if she reaches and maintains a certain time and grade then she gets a small but regular reward? Maybe an extra bump in the allowance or the option to invite some friends over every other weekend?


Do you ever have all of the kids come together for quiet working time? I know that you can't sit with her all day, but maybe you can establish a routine for 90 minutes where everyone congregates at the kitchen table for "study time" where you supervise and assist but are also able to monitor her progress?

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Thanks, Moms. Setting the timer is sometimes helpful ... I just need to come up with some good incentives that will be motivating to her, yet not crazy-making to me :)


OneStepAtATime, I really like your idea. She loves all things crafty ... maybe she & I can pick a specific hobby to target for awhile & really delve into it (history, biographies, etc). Thanks! Also, that could potentially fit into your idea, mom2bee ~ there's sure to be some tangible incentives there ... !



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