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Unorthodox road food ideas


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Since we appear to be on a food advice kick ...


I spend a fair amount of time driving. I'm looking for new ideas for food to eat on the trip. Here's what I'm looking for:




Non-messy finger food

Doesn't require refrigeration for a day or two

Doesn't require cooking (pre-cooking is fine but painstaking assembly such as deviled eggs doesn't happen)

Not too sweet, not too carby


Currently I've been doing a lot of cheese + ham, baby carrots, and peeled boiled eggs, along with smaller amounts of cheese + crackers, grapes, raisins, dried pineapple, and peanuts. However, I'm really wanting to cut back on my consumption of processed meat which is pretty much all of the hams out there barring a few unaffordable ones.


This is also complicated by the fact that I don't care for any nuts except peanuts.


If anyone has any unorthodox foods they like to eat on long trips, I'd love to hear about them.


Edit: The reason I don't have common sandwiches such as PB + J etc. is because I like the bread too much and eat it all within 2 hours. Maybe I should just experiment with storing it in the back of the car so I have to pull over and stop to get each sandwich. :P

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Do you have a cooler handy? Because we just did a four-day trip to California including some theme parks and ate every meal save one from the food I had packed to bring with us. I even brought an electric water kettle and a mini crock pot to the hotel!




Most other travel cooking appliances, if I don't have, I could get.


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We've been known to bring our backpacking stove and cook simple meals at rest stops. One time when DS was little we might have cooked Mac and cheese and veggies, in a driving snowstorm, at night, on the side of the road somewhere in upstate New York. You might not think that's fun, though. :)


I usually pack wraps--hard boiled egg, cheese and veggies, tuna, hummus, scrambled egg or tofu, etc. They tend to hold up better than sandwiches and can be less messy.


I also like leftovers, so I'll often cook extra of whatever we're having the day or two before we go and take that.


Road food gets tiring so quickly, we even scope out places on our way ahead of time now. On our more common routes, we know where we can find a Whole Foods or Chipotle for decent on the go meals if we need.

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My mom always brought a coffee pot to heat water for soup-in-a-cup and instant oatmeal in the motel room. I forgot it one trip and found out that hot tap water works just fine.

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I always make loaves of zucchini bread. (Gluten free, the recipe on the back of the Pamela's baking mix is really good, but high in carbs. You could find one with less sugar.) People can spread peanut butter on their slice if they want.


Canned salmon. We eat it with skin and bones for extra nutrition.


Avocados are quite rich. Not that cheap, but sometimes you can get a deal. Or if you're in the right area, find someone with a tree!


Oven-roasted cauliflower. Ditto roasted squash or sweet potato chunks. Use lots of fat to make them filling.


Kale chips.


Coconut butter. OK, not cheap but very nutritious and filling.

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