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Went to my first yoga class today and I just want to say I am not flexible and I have lousy balance. My core can also use some work.


I really enjoyed the calm environment and stretching. I am so thankful to br able to take this time just for me. No husband to take care of, no teens being teens. Just me and deep breathing.


Please feel free to tell me how I am damming my eternal soul by practicing yoga. I figure this can be a controversial thread for the day. Next time I will be sure to bring my lead lined crock pot with me.

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Well, I will say that yoga was traditionally a more spiritual practice but it is not taught as such here in the US (in most places anyway). These days yoga in the US is usually about breathing and the physical moves and I'm not sure how that is evil. I mean, standing is a yoga pose, as is sitting and many other movements that people do in their every day lives. So, in that way everyone is doing yoga :) 

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If you were wearing a pair of those infamously thin yoga pants while doing it then you probably defrauded a few people as well. Hussy.

I was not wearing a pair of those yoga pants. Mine were suitably thick.


I don't think I am ready for naked yoga since I am firmly in the never nude category. My dh, otoh, would love naked yoga.

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