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Just diagnosed with Asthma, What do I need to know?


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Do you have a peak flow meter?  Do you have a rescue inhaler?  Spacer for it?  Was this triggered by a cold?  Allergies?  Exercise?


Mine was triggered by allergies and nasal congestion.  For me, starting Allegra 180 and Flonase at the FIRST hint of allergies and continuing that daily really helps.  If I get even the slightest hint of a cough, I start up the Symbicort for a long time as well.  Preventing a full attack that requires oral steroids, etc. is much better than ending up in trouble.


A peak flow meter can help you as well monitor how much air you can move on a good day and give you a warning when you aren't moving as much air, even before you really notice a difference.

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